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Subject: Naruto manga discussions
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maxum 4.07.09 - 07:12am
I noticed there's no naruto manga discussion in here. This topic is going to be full of spoilers, so if you're just watching the anime nd hate spoilers, STOP READING NOW. *

emmy2009 4.07.09 - 11:49am
Im watchin d anime n readin the manga online *

yuzi 6.07.09 - 01:01pm
i like Naruto Manga because it had great pictures and clear storyline but it's too much speaking and explaining it rather boring *

emmy2009 6.07.09 - 01:50pm
So many peoply prefer d manga cuz d episodes in d anime are compressed *

emmy2009 6.07.09 - 01:55pm
I prefer d anime tho bcos u see d movement n u hear d characters voices *

nej1 6.08.09 - 10:58pm
yeah d anime is great.but d manga gives us everytin in details *

emmy2009 6.08.09 - 11:13pm
But there's no movement n unique actions *

akira12 7.08.09 - 01:38am
I prefer the anime 2. Coz, i can't hear the voices (gaara voices) in d manga. N plus i can hear all the song in d anime *

emmy2009 2.09.09 - 12:27pm
Yeah dats true,if we were all reading only d manga,we couldn't hav heard the heros come back song *

emmy2009 2.09.09 - 12:29pm
And all the other i luv the music lol smile.GIF *

bash009 7.09.09 - 05:49pm
I havent read the manga so l have no comment *

emmy2009 21.10.09 - 06:36am
Bash i knw u hav a pc,why not read it online instead of sitting there doing nothing........lmao *

bash009 22.10.09 - 02:26am
Hey emmy go hang urself *

nej1 25.10.09 - 12:03pm
we all knw dat manga is cul,n ahead of d anime *

emmy2009 25.10.09 - 12:09pm
Dats true,i sometimes read manga with my pc *

nej1 26.10.09 - 04:34am
thats gud....i wil b doin dat on my phone *

emmy2009 26.10.09 - 05:03am
Neji u can't read the real manga on ur fone........u can only read manga summaries n plot overviews wit dat fone *

emmy2009 31.10.09 - 02:04am
I jst finished reading chapter 468,danzo has fled the scene lol n the 2 remaining jinchurikis are lost *

j5e3d 31.10.09 - 08:18pm
I hear d manga is way cooler n ahead of the anime... *

emmy2009 31.10.09 - 09:52pm
My brother tanx.....i was jst bout 2 say that,i read d last chapter n i just started d manga frm chapter all you naruto fans.....i just wanna tell u d manga is far better than the anime.....i'm reading d manga n watching d im telling u guys,the manga is far better than the anime *

emmy2009 22.11.09 - 08:38am
Chapter 472 is out early.....tanx to sleepy fans n the rest of d guys....go check it out in the Read Manga Online topic *

nej1 23.11.09 - 01:30am
wow dats great.. *

emmy2009 23.11.09 - 04:50am
Cool tho..... *

maxum 2.12.09 - 08:53pm
omg.GIF Kisame's been defeated. *

maxum 2.12.09 - 08:54pm
Who's left? Just Zetsu? Hope he doesn't die during his first fight. *

maxum 2.12.09 - 08:54pm
Who's left? Just Zetsu? Hope he doesn't die during his first fight. *

emmy2009 5.12.09 - 05:54pm
Its now zetsu,tobi n hebi.......pretty cool *

emmy2009 8.12.09 - 04:04am
So wat do u guys tink bout d plot now *

tonycomp 9.04.10 - 12:25pm
I was just tellin sum1 the other day of orochimaru's ressurection summon as the best power & see what kabuto did.... naruto is gettin spicier & intriguing *

maxum 10.04.10 - 03:33am
Im loving it. Sasuke's getting Itachi's eyes. But seriously, wtf's up with Sasuke suddenly becoming evil? I mean it just happened, is it a trick to fool Madara, or did Kishimoto screw us over with character development? *

emmy2009 11.04.10 - 12:01pm
All i can tink bout now is lee beating neji and naruto x x x sakura.....kishi just keeps leavin these problems unresolved.......he's really turnin into a tite kubo himself *

maxum 13.04.10 - 10:57pm
Omfgzor, kabuto perfecting edo tensei?!?! Can't believe he even brought itachi back. excited.GIF *

tonycomp 14.04.10 - 10:10am
How can deidara's body b raised didnt it blow up, itachi has no eyes & every cell on kakuzu is destroyed coz of rasen shuriken thus cant make chakra,sasori's a puppet *

tonycomp 14.04.10 - 10:19pm
When is naruto x x xxx hinata she clearly is the most beautifull girl in konoha *

emmy2009 15.04.10 - 03:04pm
She's totally the most beautiful girl in konoha....but ino's kinda cute too *

bash009 15.04.10 - 03:17pm
It wud really be fun 2 see kabuto & madara fight or wat do u guyz tink... *

tonycomp 16.04.10 - 10:21am
By the way the most useless fighters in konoha r : ino ,chouji 2 an extent,sakura was but afta tsunade taught her she changed *

nej1 19.08.10 - 06:49am
4 d record hinata is d most beautiful girl.naruto's new power,is d latest chapter out yet? *

emmy2009 10.09.10 - 12:45am
New chapters are released on thursday *

chifuni 26.12.10 - 06:27am
i have not gone online for almost a month now so i'm missing out on the latest Naruto chaps. any big fights yet? *

nej1 29.12.10 - 03:58pm
So many awesome ones *

emmy2009 11.01.11 - 04:34pm
Guys check 4 d latest chapters *

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