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Welcome to Anime-toon-zone...Our own anime n cartoon world...Join now to read manga n comics online,vote in polls,download files n access links..- [10+roms]-[55+links]-[140+members]-[48+topics]-[740+files]-[50+manga n comics] - [*Daily Update*]

Group Founder: emmy2009
Description: Fans of naruto,bleach,inuyasha,happy feet,gundam,fate stay nite,the simpsons,ben 10,the incredibles,hellsing,rurouni kenshin/samurai X,soul eater,meet the robinsons,star wars,death note,tom n jerry,spirited away,full metal alchemist,family guy,avatar the last airbender,lelouch,megasXLR,final fantasy,digimon,pokemon,madagascar,the wild,bakugan battle brawlers n lots of other anime n cartoons,this is a place where we unite 2 discuss in forums,vote in polls,access links n download files that are all related to our favourite anime n cartoons
Group Type: Public join
Members: 356
Category: Entertaintment & Media > General

Topics (61)

go Bleach or Naruto??? Which one (25) emmy2009
Which one is better.....ur views plz

go Word Game (34) emmy2009
Here's a new game

go Avatar bender,fave element? [52] yuzi
What s your favorite element on AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER?the option: water-earth-fire-air?

go Members chat [241] emmy2009
Chat 2 other members about anytin anime/cartoon related or non anime/cartoon related n maybe even find a bud

go air gear season 2 (0) shareta5

go new code geass (0) shareta5
is there any new info about new code geass

go Fairy Tail Guild (0) shareta5
do u like fairy tail, , ,

go The Last AirBender Movie (5) tan12
Ne1 watch it?

go Naruto manga discussions (41) maxum
I noticed there's no naruto manga discussion in here. This topic is going to be full of spoilers, so if you're just watching the anime nd hate spoilers, STOP READING NOW.

go Read Manga Online !!! (45) emmy2009
Here,i'll give links to some manga to enable us read different manga online*Note* Most mobile phones cannot be used to view manga pages......If so,a pc should be used instead of a phone

go Favourite NARUTO character? [82] sbrtpand
Who is ur favourite naruto character?my 1 is kakashi.

go Naruto's riddles [134] emmy2009 Watz up guys,lets start our own official naruto riddle

go elfin lied (5) njvgvrgo
lucy, love or hate her?

go ATZ Members' facebook accounts (9) emmy2009
Plz guys......drop ur facebook name n email here......i'm thinking bout creating a facebook anime toon zone group but i first wanna knw if u guys are ready for it....tanx

go Kakuzu vs sasuke(b4 itachi's p (5) tonycomp
Kakuzu vs sasuke(b4 itachi's powers)


Photos (395)

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Files (349)

1 mp3- Naruto- Hero''s come back
2 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Kyuubi/naruto
3 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Kyuubi/naruto
4 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Kakashi
5 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Kakashi
6 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Jiraiya
7 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Itachi
8 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Itachi
9 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Hokages
10 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Kakuzu/hidan
11 Nokia nth theme- Dragonball z- Goku
12 Nokia nth theme- Ghost rider- Johnny
13 Nokia nth theme- Naruto- Gaara/lee
14 Family guy- Two ds and an f
15 Family guy- Eat my dust crash bandicoot


Polls (19)

go Do you like Inuyasha?
go how much do u like naruto?
go who is your favorite yugioh person
go Which clan is the strongest in naruto- Part 1
go Who's ur fave Avatar: the last airbender character?
go What's ur fave special power in a NARUTO character?
go Which villain's organization is best in NARUTO?
go What's ur fave akatsuki 2-man combination
go What's ur fave
go Who is the CUTEST guy in naruto
go Which is your favourite couple in naruto
go Who is the CUTEST girl in naruto
go Who is ur favourite HOKAGE in naruto
go What's ur fave alien in ben 10- Part 3
go What's ur fave alien in ben 10- Part 2


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