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Subject: Avatar bender,fave element?
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yuzi 6.07.09 - 12:56pm
What s your favorite element on AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER?the option: water-earth-fire-air? *

emmy2009 6.07.09 - 01:48pm
I'll go with fire.....i luv the fire nation n zuko is my fave character *

yuzi 11.07.09 - 03:29pm
That's great,but i love water bending and blood bending, i luv the water bender who called puppet master *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 04:19pm
Bloodbending is cool but its more irritating than cool *

akira12 11.07.09 - 06:12pm
Hei yuzi! I love that puppet master too!! I'ts so creepy... (who's her name?) *

akira12 11.07.09 - 06:16pm
Anyway, no 1 can beat MY ZUKO!!! He's so cool! And, he is do fire bending, so he's HOT!! Go! The hottie nation!! *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 08:07pm
Men tank God sum1 loves zuko like me.....i mean he's d best,with all his firebending n stuff *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 08:09pm
I also like sokka n toph,sokka's so funny n toph's like so strong *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 08:10pm
4 all nokia users who's fone supports nth files.......u can download lots of avatar themes here in this group.......n also more themes coming soon *

akira12 11.07.09 - 08:29pm
Hey emmy, why is you always like what i like? I mean, we share the lot of things,, it's start to strange... omg.GIF oh my god!! Are you my twin sister??? *

akira12 11.07.09 - 08:45pm
Anyway, actually my favourite chara is always in the same of type. There are Draco (HP), gaara (naruto), zuko (avatar), legolas (LOTR), and CuteBurningEmoGuy (i didn't know his name, but he's soo cool right?) (on skyhigh). Oh! Don't forget 'bout Bleach! I luv hitsugaya toushirou love.GIF he's not cute... but he's ULTRA CUTE!!! *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 08:57pm
However it seems we share lots of interests cuz i love gaara,legolas n draco.....but in sky high,my fave superhero is warren peace (the fire guy)......akira plz tell us ur fone model in d members chat topic *

akira12 11.07.09 - 09:37pm
Oh! So it's name is warren peace? That cute guy who do all fire n burning thing? I luv him! But first i don't know his name... lol.GIF *

yuzi 13.07.09 - 06:04am
Ya blood bending is really great i think, oh ya akira the puppet master name is hamma, she teach katara that bending. Wow u r fans zuko, emmy+akira.. Hbu azula? *

akira12 13.07.09 - 06:29am
My brother is fans of azula. He said she's soo HOT (he love evil girl). But he hate the ending scene of her, it's cruel!!) *

emmy2009 13.07.09 - 10:31am
Azula's kind of cute n hot tho but 4 me she's just a spoilt brat,i prefer her friend ty lee.....dat one is like cute,super hot n calm *

emmy2009 13.07.09 - 10:33am
Yuzi which phone are u using bcos we have a lot of avatar pics n on ATZ *

yuzi 13.07.09 - 02:22pm
Ya.. In the end azula got big missery, i luv ty lee and may 2, may s so calm, wow great sumtime i ll dload it,bt my curent phone not support it, i'll try to my SE W800i. *

emmy2009 13.07.09 - 02:43pm
I'll try n find some cool sony ericssons' theme 4 ya bro *

yuzi 13.07.09 - 08:03pm
Ok thanks, the pics are cool *

emmy2009 13.07.09 - 10:24pm
U're welcome......come to think of it,nobody has mentioned Iroh......i mean he's a great character *

akira12 14.07.09 - 12:23am
Yeah! Of course he's a great character, he's ZUKO uncle!! Maybe he would make som tea for us? A nice tea... (iroh's tea i mean.. Zuko's tea is s*ck.. :p) *

akira12 14.07.09 - 12:32am
Azula is hot, but she's got my anger (she's threatened zuko every time!). I like ty lee too, she's sooo cute is she?! Wow emmy, that's the same thing again!! *

emmy2009 14.07.09 - 12:59am
Dats it again i noticed.......i dn't like fire lord ozai.....he's like so serious everytime *

yuzi 14.07.09 - 06:23am
Iroh is great,nice and funny character although he's 4m fire nation,but love the peace.he made a group called white lotus with other masters,it help aang to save the world *

yuzi 14.07.09 - 06:28am
and iroh is great tea maker in ba shing se he was invited for suppering earth king,but azula and friends (ozai's angel) break it.. Infact zuko was going good at that time *

akira12 14.07.09 - 10:07am
Yeah,,, zuko's tea... (hearts.GIF i bet the tea is hot!) Hey! Anyone know the name of the girl who help zuko catch aang gank once? (it's in book 1) That girl who hav the blind beast... *

emmy2009 14.07.09 - 12:19pm
I wish i cud just taste iroh's tea.......anyway iroh is like so cool,guys remember he's the dragon of the west *

emmy2009 14.07.09 - 12:20pm
Hmmm......the girl with the blind beast,i don't knw her name but i'll google it today *

yuzi 14.07.09 - 12:42pm
tea.GIF i like this tea made by iroh. Oh that girl with a strange beast (it look like a big hairy lizard) i don't know her. *

yuzi 14.07.09 - 12:45pm
Btw aang is the oldest and youngest avatar i think, he's over 100 years. And he loves katara, a girl who older n younger than him *

yuzi 14.07.09 - 12:49pm
Avatar kuruk, avatar kyoshi, avatar rokhu, avatar yan chen, did i type correctly? *

emmy2009 21.10.09 - 06:48am
Aang marries katara in d end,so no problem *

akira12 27.10.09 - 11:57pm
N zuko marries may.... Its s*ck! I prefer ty lee more than her... *

nej1 28.10.09 - 03:40am
water n fire are awesome elements....tea.GIF *

emmy2009 28.10.09 - 05:51am
I prefer ty lee but i also like mai very much.....she's cute,s*xy n always bored *

j5e3d 31.10.09 - 08:26pm
Yeah l tink ty lee is gr8 but lets face it may is better *

emmy2009 31.10.09 - 09:57pm
Josh a two-thumbsup 4 u 2thumbsup.GIF *

tan12 7.12.09 - 11:44am
reading.GIF *

tan12 7.12.09 - 12:03pm
Am late!
But can v start it again? if theres no problms!
(requesting) *

tan12 7.12.09 - 06:59pm
Thanks! rose.GIF *

tan12 7.12.09 - 07:02pm
Avatar movie is gonna release on 2nd July, '09
is there ne trailer available? *

emmy2009 8.12.09 - 04:03am
2nd july 09 or 010 *

tan12 8.12.09 - 01:24pm
Now let me ask, what is da name of da tea shop of Iroh in Ba Sing Se? *

emmy2009 8.12.09 - 01:33pm
Im sorry bro,there's already an avatar quiz 4 it *

modeix 4.01.10 - 10:05am
I love earth bending so much and my favourite character is toph.she is so cul and she the first eva to invent iron bending wat do u tink? *

tan12 5.01.10 - 08:53pm
U r ri8! *

emmy2009 7.01.10 - 06:08pm
Toph is cool....gud choice *

tonycomp 17.02.10 - 09:34pm
Earth bending is the best look at dat king of omashu & tuff *

emmy2009 20.02.10 - 02:10pm
Firebending is better 4 me *

konspy 22.07.10 - 03:51pm
Water is my fav,it has plenty of benefits that the other elements dont.. .e.g. Bloodbending, healing,it can be produced from anything.. But my fav characters are sokka iroh king boomi? And roku *

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