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Subject: Favourite NARUTO character?
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emmy2009 15.08.09 - 01:27pm
Cool bro *

emmy2009 15.08.09 - 01:28pm
But akira how wud asuma be her father-in-law when he's nt shikamaru's dad *

akira12 16.08.09 - 01:20am
No, no! Asuma is shikamaru's ''dad''. Not dad, i mean ''dad'' *

bash009 16.08.09 - 12:18pm
Ok l understand wat u mean as in sensei *

emmy2009 16.08.09 - 12:28pm
Its cool tho.....cuz in the series lee n gai are d closest student n sensei b4 asuma n shikamaru *

sbrtpnd 17.08.09 - 07:07am
You r right.LEE and GAI are the closest 1.b8 WHOM DO u think the worst student and sensei combination?lol.GIF *

emmy2009 17.08.09 - 08:56am
Its completely neji n gai......we all knw dat *

sbrtpnd 17.08.09 - 10:19am
[color=red]I AGRE[/color]agree.GIFpmpl.GIF *

emmy2009 21.10.09 - 06:40am
Neji is so different 4rm gai,d only similarity is dat they both use taijutsu *

nej1 26.10.09 - 06:53pm
neji is a straight foward the truth is dat gai n neji are now becomin close since wen he changed *

emmy2009 26.10.09 - 08:05pm
Neji isn't so close 2 gai d way u say u knw dat gai told him dat lee wud soon surpass him *

nej1 30.10.09 - 10:20am
we all knw dat i it can neva b tru.....! neji is d strongest of konoha 12 *

emmy2009 30.10.09 - 10:57am
Naruto and sasuke are members of konoha 12 n they are both stronger than him *

bash009 30.10.09 - 12:17pm
Dats rite emmy naruto n sasuke ar d strongest...and wit much hardwork n enough training l believe lee can surpass nej1 *

j5e3d 31.10.09 - 08:24pm
I luv yamato because he scares d hell out of naruto *

emmy2009 31.10.09 - 09:55pm
Yah,he scares the hell out of naruto big time *

emmy2009 14.11.09 - 06:25pm
I like suigetsu n she's hot *

bash009 15.11.09 - 05:16pm
How about isnt dat guy cute *

emmy2009 15.11.09 - 07:25pm
Yeah but he's not dat special.....check out karin...s*xy anime babe *

lullaby9 14.01.10 - 03:33am
i l0ve my narut0.hes cute n hnds0me..i hate sasuke,he 2 mtrd n n0t rlly y ppl said dat sasuke is a hndsm b0y.. *

emmy2009 16.01.10 - 05:50pm
We all know naruto is more cute *

tonycomp 11.02.10 - 08:42pm
Gaara & kakashi *

emmy2009 15.02.10 - 06:18am
Another gaara and kakashi fan *

nej1 16.02.10 - 09:04am
hmm,gaara n kakashi,good characters *

emmy2009 16.02.10 - 09:37am
Good characters..indeed *

sbrtpand 16.02.10 - 01:23pm
Good charecter combination.ha,ha. *

akira12 25.02.10 - 08:10am
Gaara is not good, hes perfect, u knw... Anyway emmy, im agree,, karin is the hottest babes in naruto series... God.. I would like 2 see her fight with sakura.. 2 s*xy n strong medical ninja *

akira12 25.02.10 - 08:13am
Bytheway,, what u guyz think bout karin? Is she really a shinobi?? I know she can uses n feel the chakra,, but i havent see her fight in the series... i mean, is she really can fight?? thinking.GIF *

emmy2009 25.02.10 - 10:52am
I dnt knw 2 *

tonycomp 17.04.10 - 01:20am
Dont forget orochimaru ,that guys voice!!! ,minato namikazi a.k.a konoha yellow flash, *

mio_7 30.10.10 - 01:25pm
My fav is Sasori. Loved his emotionless expression so so sooo much! *

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