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Subject: Favourite NARUTO character?
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sbrtpand 29.06.09 - 04:52pm
Who is ur favourite naruto character?my 1 is kakashi. *

enma 30.06.09 - 07:32am
I like NARUTO as he never give up hope. *

emmy2009 1.07.09 - 04:06am
Mine's rock lee......the taijutsu specialist *

maxum 1.07.09 - 07:43am
Most of them. *

bash009 1.07.09 - 07:31pm
Mine's naruto & itachi.they are d best... *

nottykid 2.07.09 - 08:18am
mine is the only itachi.. naruto is the main character and he will somehow win with his lack intelligence and ridiculous jutsu.. so i think naruto shud be ban from being pick from its own show, thats wud be fair.. *

sbrtpand 3.07.09 - 06:44am
Ok,i think most of the main character of cartoon channels are less intelligent than others and quite funny,b8 when they become serious and imotional they became stronger and there hidden powers releases.and of course there must be a cool charecter who will be a rival and ofcourse a friend of the main hero.and the main character will never give up hope.@notty then every cartoon show must be banned.isn't it??? *

emmy2009 3.07.09 - 12:01pm
You both got a point tho *

yuzi 6.07.09 - 12:47pm
I love kankuro the puppet master, it s really cool power to control the puppets *

sbrtpand 6.07.09 - 06:51pm
B8 don't u think flying thunder god technique is much cooler? *

emmy2009 7.07.09 - 01:46am
All u guys are always talking bout kankuro,minato n d rest.....but plz don't 4get bout d taijutsu master/the handsome devil of the hidden leaf village,rock lee *

sbrtpand 7.07.09 - 06:43am
Yes,he is strong too.and its better to be a master rather than becoming jack of all trades.b8 leaving in a world where everybody can do ninjutsu and u cant is quite hrble.b8 it has a plus point also.the naruto fans who can't do ninjutsu(as nobody can) b8 can do taijutsu(of course not all).as its practical and as kishimoto created him just like bruce lee and as we know fans likes to copy there fav it quite good. *

akira12 11.07.09 - 01:17pm
Hey! Don't forget bout Gaara!! I'm a big fan of him! Ask why? Coz he's cute!! I mean very cute! He's strong too, but now ichibi has leave his body, is he still same strong like his past?? *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 03:22pm
Im not really sure,u knw akira dat we havent seen him since he shook hands wit naruto *

akira12 11.07.09 - 06:34pm
One more question bout gaara! Since Shukaku leave him, he's no longer an insomnia, right? Then, what happen to a black circle on his eyes? Is it gone?? (my god, if that thing is gone, i'll sad. Coz i love those dead eyes!! It make gaara looks cool!) *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 08:14pm
Im not sure dat those dark circles around his eye wud ever reap off......but lets just watch out till we see him again *

akira12 11.07.09 - 08:18pm
Ohh, gaara.. i miss u... cry.GIF *

sbrtpand 12.07.09 - 05:05am
I read somewhere that gara have those becoz he never sleep.though its a sign of his 1 tailed beast b8 i think it would not go. *

akira12 12.07.09 - 05:38am
Yeah, i know. Gaara never sleep coz a nightmare from shukaku. And now shukaku has gone! I think gaara is no longer had insomnia again... (ssst... maybe he's take a nap right now...) *

emmy2009 12.07.09 - 11:11am
Haha......yeah its true,gaara has that mark because he never sleeps n also shukaku has them too.......Guys do u remember that gaara has slept only once in d series......he slept in order to rise shukaku to its full strength,so dat he cud defeat naruto......but also as we knw,naruto woke him up wit a punch tho *

akira12 12.07.09 - 12:31pm
Oh! I luv that scene!! Gaara is so disgusting in that scene! I luv when he looks disgusting!! It looks so cute!! *

emmy2009 12.07.09 - 01:13pm
4 me d most disgusting scene in naruto is d scene when gaara's body pieces start falling apart after lee gave him dat jutsu *

akira12 12.07.09 - 01:58pm
Uuuuhh... that's not disgusting, that's horrible!! Gaara looks so s3xy in that scene hot.GIF . Anyway, u hav some pict that shown that?? It'd be good to be my wallpaper... *

emmy2009 12.07.09 - 02:29pm
Try browsing thru d naruto pics in d files menu.....u'll be surprised 2 see d gaara's pics av uploaded *

kazuki13 14.07.09 - 02:10pm
I'm not that naruto big fan,,, but i like the girls in naruto. It's all hot! I like ten2, ino, sakura, temari, kurenai, tsunade, & anko. Anyway i like lee too. He's ugly hahaha.GIF but so cool *

kazuki13 14.07.09 - 02:11pm
Hey akira! Know me? *

emmy2009 14.07.09 - 06:39pm
Tanx 4 been a fan of lee but plz lee isn't ugly......he's the best,the greatest n the cutest taijutsu master of them all *

bash009 19.07.09 - 10:22pm
Of course lee is ugly bro.l also like hidan because he is kinda stupid. *

emmy2009 20.07.09 - 12:14am
Hidan is stupid.....hmmmn dats true.....and he's arrogant 2 *

bash009 8.08.09 - 03:02pm
Dont u guys like asuma..c'mon people he's cool n l also luv his hair.. *

emmy2009 8.08.09 - 09:50pm
Cmon bash,i knw u luv asuma,u say it in skul,at home n everywhere i knw.......haha u just as hairy as he is *

lilkiler 9.08.09 - 01:24pm
I love hinata she just has bad taste in men, hehehe *

bash009 9.08.09 - 08:22pm
Emmy wat do u mean as hairy as he is. *

bash009 9.08.09 - 08:54pm
n c'mon evrybody likes asuma. *

akira12 11.08.09 - 06:26am
So, bash is hairy... Right emmy? (yuck) *

akira12 11.08.09 - 06:31am
Bash, u said u love asuma? I mean r u 3hearts.GIF LOVE 3hearts.GIF asuma in that way??? R u, (psst) gay? ... *

emmy2009 11.08.09 - 02:04pm
Its not dat he's really hairy.......its just dat he likes keeping an afro hair style *

bash009 11.08.09 - 02:12pm
Wat do u mean gay is it a crime 2 like u're gay bcos u're always talkin about gaara..gaara..gaara.always gaara n 4 ur info am not hairy. *

bash009 11.08.09 - 03:28pm
Asuma rules *

nej1 11.08.09 - 08:16pm
dats ok. laugh.GIF *

akira12 12.08.09 - 10:00am
Hey! Sorry, i didn't mean that! sorry.GIF just ask, ok? U mean i luv gaara? Of course not! I want 2 becomin his husband!! 3hearts.GIF . Ok i'm clearing this topic now, 4 everyone who tought me as a gay. I'm not gay. I'm bi.s.e.x . What i said is now is true, not a lie. Clear now?? 4 bash, please 4give me please.GIF *

sbrtpnd 12.08.09 - 10:51am
So u wanna manage gara and temari both(s*x).b8 i don't think gara is a it?and temari will not allow a bi(s*x) as his husband. *

emmy2009 12.08.09 - 06:43pm
laugh.GIF Guys calm down......we all like n hav fave characters.....dat doesn't mean anything...... confused.GIF *

sbrtpnd 12.08.09 - 06:53pm
ambulance.GIFOk lets stop this gay and bise x and les bian part here.and talk about ur fav naruto *

sbrtpnd 12.08.09 - 07:48pm
BULrDsTiyO37XSwMgfJR.gif *

emmy2009 13.08.09 - 09:45am
Wat bout d sound shinobi,nobody is talkin bout em *

akira12 13.08.09 - 06:15pm
Sound shinobi? Oh yeah, i'll choose karin gigglez.GIF i like her passion 4 sasuke hahaha.GIF *

bash009 14.08.09 - 05:45pm
Hey akira am also sorry 4 callin u gay... we cool rite *

bash009 14.08.09 - 05:46pm
4 the sound shinobi l dont like any of them.... *

emmy2009 14.08.09 - 09:01pm
Bash,akira,sbrtpnd,nej1 n the rest of u guys......u guys rock,u guys're really true friends *

akira12 15.08.09 - 09:40am
hug.GIF thanks 4 being my friend emmy. 4 bash, i'm truly sorry 4 callin u (ahem) that... Anyway i like asuma too. If temari married shikamaru, asuma would be her ''father in law'' too, right? *

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