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Subject: Members chat
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emmy2009 29.10.09 - 05:05am
Wats up neji *

sbrtpand 29.10.09 - 06:58pm
Hey emmy can u compress HEROES COME BACK NO BODY KNOWS the ful mp3 to 1.5 mb or less than the files its only AMR but i want the MP3.SO if u can compress it then pls pls pls.GIF do it 4 me.pls *

emmy2009 29.10.09 - 09:12pm
Oh yes i can do it,i'll upload it 2mrow bro *

sbrtpand 30.10.09 - 01:39am
Many many thanks brothanks.GIF *

sbrtpand 30.10.09 - 02:46pm
Hey emmy did u think about the HEROES COME mp3 compression?pls hurry up.i want to use it as my pls bro hurry uppls.GIF *

emmy2009 31.10.09 - 02:05am
I'l soon upload it *

nej1 31.10.09 - 10:04am
hmmm....heroes come back....dats gud *

emmy2009 31.10.09 - 11:02am
And neji,i've uploaded the p square's song in sharemobile...... click here to download it *

sbrtpand 1.11.09 - 12:39pm
Yea!really heroes come back.and emmy pls bro try to upload it as soon as possible.pls pls.GIF *

emmy2009 2.11.09 - 03:28am
Sbrtpand i've uploaded it to ATZ's links topic 4 the link to d file *

sbrtpand 2.11.09 - 01:06pm
Ok okay.GIF and thanks thanks.GIF *

nej1 2.11.09 - 04:38pm
thanks emmy2thumbsup.GIF''''''......pmpl.GIF u rock *

emmy2009 12.11.09 - 10:22pm
Any new requests fellows *

emmy2009 8.12.09 - 04:08am
So which pc games do u guys play *

tan12 8.12.09 - 07:58pm
Emmy, have u played ne Avatar pc game?

emmy2009 9.12.09 - 06:20am
No i haven't found any *

janfer 18.01.10 - 12:08am
hey, nice group. u have a lot of stuff here. cool!!! *

emmy2009 18.01.10 - 10:02am
Tanx jan *

tan12 29.01.10 - 07:53pm
Seems lyk none is here!
sad.GIF *

sbrtpand 5.02.10 - 07:17pm
Hey emmy i m back and this time i have a new ttc.i hacked my provider again and using it for free but its slower than the prvs one and this have a dwnld limit of 2mb and i hv 2 use default browser.BTW sorry 4 this late coming and from now i'll be available here(until my ttc gone mad) regularly. *

sbrtpand 6.02.10 - 01:51pm
Hi,emmy *

emmy2009 6.02.10 - 01:52pm
Im so happy you're back *

emmy2009 6.02.10 - 01:54pm
Sbrtpand....i watched sum bleach movies last week n i luv hitsugaya and byakuya *

sbrtpand 6.02.10 - 01:54pm
Yea,i m also happy to be here.i m now using gprs mnthly rentals.and its fast *

emmy2009 6.02.10 - 01:55pm
Awesome....i learned u gat a 3110c....i hope u download ATZ themes *

sbrtpand 6.02.10 - 01:56pm
I m in a different district for study.but whenever i go to home i watch bleach.its cool. *

emmy2009 6.02.10 - 01:59pm
Im writing an exam to go to college nxt 2months....but i usually hav bout 5hrs a day to surf d web *

sbrtpand 6.02.10 - 01:59pm
Yeah but only naruto themes.which one is ur favourite u have some good videos.i want to dwnld them *

sbrtpand 6.02.10 - 02:03pm
You are so lucky i only have 1to2 hours to surf. *

sbrtpand 6.02.10 - 02:04pm
My exam is in aprl.whene is yours? *

emmy2009 6.02.10 - 02:17pm
April 17 or so.....neji and bash are writin d same exam 2 *

emmy2009 6.02.10 - 02:36pm
I've got lots of stuff frm themes 2 vids......i hope u're downloading the themes...u can also try the music too if u want *

sbrtpand 7.02.10 - 01:00pm
I only watch those serials which are available in CN and ANIMAX,I also like Harry Potter.and about the music files i got some 10 to 11 files from your site.and ofcourse a lot of pics.They are the best.blv me. *

emmy2009 8.02.10 - 05:32am
Tanx honoured *

emmy2009 8.02.10 - 05:34am
So wat takes ur time the most it anime,manga,books,games or wat *

xeyrold 22.03.10 - 05:13am
oi there. *

sbrtpand 28.03.10 - 09:14pm
Actually the exam is too much busy with books.b8 whenever i go to home i manage to watch anime shows. *

nej1 30.05.10 - 06:44pm
Hitea.GIF *

emmy2009 11.03.11 - 10:49pm
Long time neji.....atz isnt wat it was b4 *

nej1 17.04.11 - 03:12pm
Yeah,tinz hav realy changed 4 us,bt we hav 2 b tryin. *

warded 4.05.18 - 01:57pm
Don't expect to others to do your work for you in a group. Check out mine for example proud.GIF *

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