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Subject: Members chat
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emmy2009 7.06.09 - 10:58am
Chat 2 other members about anytin anime/cartoon related or non anime/cartoon related n maybe even find a bud *

emmy2009 7.06.09 - 07:17pm
Other than anime n cartoons,i also luv sum cool movies like harry potter,LOTR,sky high,pirates of d caribbean,cheaper by d dozen......any movie fans out there *

nottykid 8.06.09 - 07:05am
YUP me!! *

emmy2009 22.06.09 - 01:01am
Guys,go check out an anime site belonging to naruto_3 (a member here).....i'll put it in the links so u guys can check it out *

sbrtpand 22.06.09 - 02:40am
I posted a naruto riddle many days ago,some body pls answr it and continue it. *

emmy2009 4.07.09 - 11:55am
Bash009 n nej1,i jst wanna tell u guys i got d latest rurouni kenshin dvd,its 4rm episode 45-95 n its d japanese version *

emmy2009 4.07.09 - 11:59am
Jst 2 add its d complete dvd cuz rurouni kenshin ranges 4rm episode 1-95 *

emmy2009 4.07.09 - 01:03pm
Hurray.....Anime-toon-zone now has 50+ members cheers.GIF *

emmy2009 6.07.09 - 11:14am
Tanx sbrtpand 4 d hokage poll *

sbrtpand 6.07.09 - 06:58pm

emmy2009 6.07.09 - 09:22pm
Ur poll is cool,u cud add as many as u want but i hope they're cool bro *

sbrtpand 7.07.09 - 07:05am
Ok,i will try my best. *

sbrtpand 7.07.09 - 07:29am
Emmy,I just submitted two polls.must say how are they. *

emmy2009 7.07.09 - 11:36am
Tanx bro they are like so cool *

sbrtpand 7.07.09 - 12:27pm
Thanx brother. *

akira12 11.07.09 - 01:32pm
Waow! Emmy! I like harrypotter too! And LOTR too! And skyhigh too (love the movies!). And i like Heroes (somebody know it? I'ts a great tv show!) *

akira12 11.07.09 - 01:37pm
Oh yeah, i'm a fan of Evangelion too. I have all of the comic, and 1st movie of rebuild of evangelion (you are [not] alone) *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 03:25pm
Wow akira,it seems we share the same likes,men u're cool cuz u like all i like *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 03:27pm
Akira i jst wanna let u knw if u need any file,anime toon zone is the place to ask,i'll try my best to get it 4 ya *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 03:28pm
And guys try d new polls i put up,i knw u'll love 'em *

nej1 11.07.09 - 03:58pm
i 'll check it also a fan of harry potter,lord of d rings,sky high,zooms,spy kids n more *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 04:23pm
Guys some of d polls were made by sbrtpand (a member here) n also he uploads stuff too......i think u all can share ur files lets download them n also don't hesitate to add links,polls n topics *

emmy2009 11.07.09 - 08:16pm
Nej1 tanx 4 d poll......its cool *

akira12 11.07.09 - 09:42pm
Aaah,, emmy, my phone is an old type... is nokia 2626 sad.GIF *

emmy2009 12.07.09 - 03:01am
Does it support nth themes *

akira12 12.07.09 - 03:10am
Nth themes? Yes. But under 120 kb... *

sbrtpand 12.07.09 - 04:58am
Thanx emmythanks.GIF 4 mentioning my name,&neji the polles are really cool. *

akira12 12.07.09 - 08:18am
ANYgaaraWAY, I'm add a new poll! Check it out! *

akira12 12.07.09 - 08:22am
Hey, may i ask? Sbrtpand, what's your fave movie outside the anime thing. Nej1's already say it (harrypotter, LOTR, skyhigh, etc)? *

akira12 12.07.09 - 08:24am
Oh, nej1, if you a fans of Harry Potter, come visit GodricsHollow! It's a nice group!! *

emmy2009 12.07.09 - 10:57am
He's already in godricshollow n akira,which themes do u have now *

akira12 12.07.09 - 12:25pm
Oh! He's already on the GodricsHollow? My draco! blush.GIF i never see him... Anyway, i don't have any themes. *

emmy2009 12.07.09 - 01:11pm
Since u dnt have any themes,try out d themes here in this group......there're some cool gaara's theme here dat are less than 120 kb n 4 u i'll upload more 2day *

emmy2009 12.07.09 - 01:28pm
And akira tanx 4 ur poll,u are new here n u are alreadin rockin dis group.....again tanx *

akira12 12.07.09 - 01:42pm
Waow! Gaara's themes? It's cool! Hei, why r u thanx to me? I luv to be here... It's my favorite group (u know, GodricsHollow is the 2nd...) *

emmy2009 12.07.09 - 02:26pm
Tanx again *

emmy2009 13.07.09 - 10:09am
Men i read thru d welcome topic i saw u guys love spirited a great fan n i luv dat anime movie.....have u guys watched Final fantasy XII: Advent children *

sbrtpand 13.07.09 - 11:46am
@akira,oh sure.why not.i like i robot,and men in black and of course all the harry potter movies.and what about yours?pls tell us.@emmy i am also a 2626 user like akira so pls upload a naruto nth theme which icon will be the face of the naruto character.pls i will b greatful to resolution 2626 have a little 2mb memory so pls try to upload a smaller one.PLS *

sbrtpand 13.07.09 - 11:49am
Sorry for posting twice.emmy pls delete the 1st one.and as i made a request so i am posting it to request topic.pls try to upload it. *

akira12 13.07.09 - 12:45pm
@emmy: you mean, final fantasy VII: advent children?? Yeah, i watch it 2 years ago... It's a great movie! Aerith is so pretty in that movie... @sbrtpand: err... i like all harry potter movie, LOTR series, Troy, all the movie that shown lord Dracula, and... AMERICAN PIE series!! hahaha.GIF *

emmy2009 13.07.09 - 02:48pm
American Pie rocks big time......i've got all d Dvd's *

emmy2009 13.07.09 - 02:50pm
In final fantasy,my fave character is check out his costume n bike bro......4 d female's i like tifa,she's so cute n super hot *

emmy2009 13.07.09 - 02:50pm
Yuzi thanks 4 ur poll 2thumbsup.GIF *

emmy2009 14.07.09 - 12:23pm
Has anyone watched kiki's delivery service......oh my God,i luv dat anime movie *

kazuki13 14.07.09 - 01:51pm
Hey!! I'm a new member. My nick is kazuki. I'm akira's brother.. *

emmy2009 14.07.09 - 06:34pm
Awesome......akira's bro,tanx 4 joining ATZ n i hope u'll be an active member like ur brother *

akira12 15.07.09 - 12:30am
Hey!! Kazuki!! U know what? I don't hav a brother! My only sibling is a girl!! Who r u?? (giglez) *

emmy2009 15.07.09 - 01:12am
Akira are u jokin or u dnt really have a brother *

kazuki13 15.07.09 - 01:48am
GO HELL AKIRA!!! angry.GIF *

akira12 15.07.09 - 02:55am
Hey,, i'm serious... I don't hav any brother... *

kazuki13 15.07.09 - 02:31pm
Okay, enough akira. angry.GIF . I'll take 'that thing' from you... Scare now? *

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