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Subject: Naruto's riddles
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bash009 15.09.09 - 09:51pm
My name is itachi am a missing-nin of konohagakure because of my sharingan l can use 3 techniques....wat ar they *

emmy2009 17.09.09 - 12:52pm
Tsukuyomi,amaterasu n susanoo.........naruto has beaten me before,im a jounin n im a genius......who am i *

bash009 19.09.09 - 04:51am
Neji...l am the sister of kiba...who *

j5e3d 21.09.09 - 09:55am
Hana inuzuka...l am d youngest son of gamabunta...who am l *

akira12 21.09.09 - 03:18pm
Gamatatsu... I am the handsome n cute guy from suna, naruto has beaten me before... who am i? *

bash009 23.09.09 - 05:59am
Gaara...i am a jounin of konohagakure and am always smoking *

akira12 23.09.09 - 11:31am
Asuma... I'm the sister of the kazekage. Who am i? *

emmy2009 23.09.09 - 05:02pm cool,im a member of konoha's 12,i dnt laugh n i wear a big collar shirt......who am i *

bash009 23.09.09 - 07:04pm a member of konoha's 12 and am always shy...who am l *

emmy2009 23.09.09 - 07:31pm awesome in using mud n fire jutsus,i was known as one of d strongest konoha shinobi dat ever lived n my son in his early days was a punk.......who am i *

akira12 26.09.09 - 04:49am
Is it senju the first hokage?? *

emmy2009 26.09.09 - 08:13am
No and guys try n remember,mud is an element gotten from earth *

nej1 4.10.09 - 04:20pm
Its a member of amegakure's 3 orphans n one of peins path who am i *

emmy2009 4.10.09 - 06:24pm a jounin,i also told my student dat i made my self an equal of any ninja even kakashi n i'm not married......who am i *

maxum 5.10.09 - 01:58am
Gai. Im a sound shinobi, I swear alot and I was given a cursed seal by Orochimaru. *

emmy2009 21.10.09 - 06:30am frm sunagakure,the first shinobi i murdered in d chunin exam is frm amegakure.......who am i *

bash009 30.10.09 - 12:20pm d father of kakashi n l committed suicide...who am l *

emmy2009 30.10.09 - 11:54pm n my mum fought pain's preta part during the invasion n i also went with lee,sakure n sai to find naruto in the kage summit arc......who am i *

chika2 31.10.09 - 06:42pm
Kiba...i am 1 of orochimaru'sxperiment d ist to have carried his curse seal who am i... *

emmy2009 5.11.09 - 07:55pm
Juugo......Im frm iwagakure,i have blonde hair n im between d age of 15-25......Who am i *

chika2 23.11.09 - 02:24am
Deidera san my turn let me think iam a member of konoha i was the first to giv kakashi a present for becoming a jonin & it was a healing parkage who am i..... *

bash009 23.11.09 - 03:59am
Rin...l am d brother of suigetsu...who *

emmy2009 23.11.09 - 04:44am
Chika u're rite n wrong......rin gave kakashi a healing package but minato was the first to give him a present *

emmy2009 23.11.09 - 04:49am
Mangetsu......i have a habit of not checkin if my opponents are dead,i'm frm amegakure n i hav a female friend who loves origami.......who am i *

bash009 23.11.09 - 04:47pm
Pein sama...i am d only 1 able 2 use rebirth jutsu...who *

nej1 24.11.09 - 02:27am
orochimaru....he is able to control d sanbi.who is he *

bash009 25.11.09 - 05:10am
Yuukimaru....i am known as konoha's yellow flash...who *

emmy2009 25.11.09 - 11:01am
Minato......i infused with samaheda n i fought killer bee,sabuchan n ponta in my under water prison.......who am i *

bash009 25.11.09 - 08:42pm
Kisame...i am d deva path of pein....who *

emmy2009 25.11.09 - 10:44pm
Yahiko......i first appeared in the manga in chapter 2 n people say im a kind of punk......who am i *

tonycomp 14.04.10 - 10:44pm
Hu r the only 2 pple with the 1st hokage powers *

emmy2009 9.10.10 - 10:05am
madara n yamato.....who gave nagato his rinnegan *

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