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Subject: Naruto's riddles
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emmy2009 18.05.09 - 09:11pm
je1BPUbuKETTDkSl2NNl.jpg Watz up guys,lets start our own official naruto riddle *

emmy2009 18.05.09 - 09:16pm
It goes like this,u drop a riddle,who answer's it,asks his *

emmy2009 18.05.09 - 09:30pm
Guys answer this....i luv the colour-green,i work very hard n some of my friends call me fuzzy brow....who am i *

nej1 19.05.09 - 06:12pm
Rocklee d beautiful beast my guestion i am from sunagakure i wear black and white and i am d only one who knows d resurection technique *

emmy2009 19.05.09 - 08:49pm
Elder 4 my question...i am a weird kid,i have red hair n d 1st jutsu i performed in d series is sabaku kyu....who am i *

nej1 21.05.09 - 07:13pm
Sabaku no gaara n my turn i have a white long hair from konoha popularly known as ero sennin who am i *

emmy2009 21.05.09 - 07:38pm my turn,i don't have emotion,i have black hair n im 4rm Anbu root....who am i *

nej1 21.05.09 - 07:46pm
Sai is d ans i am born wit a fate of losin to no one an to over come d blind spot who am i *

emmy2009 21.05.09 - 07:53pm
Its neji....i joined asuma,izumo n kotetsu 2 fight against kakuzu n hidan n i'm very lazy n always say how troublesome or what a drag....who am i *

nej1 21.05.09 - 08:12pm
Shikamaru.i hav yellow hair i am an ally wit d wind an luv insultin d chunin who cud not bring sasuke who am i *

emmy2009 21.05.09 - 08:20pm
Naruto....i have 3 eyes,i make webs n im a humble servant of lord orochimaru....who am i *

nej1 21.05.09 - 08:32pm
Kidomaru an my last ans is not naruto becoz he was nt a chunin it is temari an i hav a mask am frm konoha an hav enternal mangekyo sharingan who am i *

emmy2009 21.05.09 - 08:47pm
So it isn't u'll pay 4 makin me miss d answer....ur answer is my last name is yakushi n am workin 4 orochimaru....who am i *

sbrtpand 30.05.09 - 09:20am
Emmy.I AM Here as i said,4 question here-
1.will kakashi die when naruto said he cant feel his chakra?
2.will sakura ever become a hokage?
3.will naruto ever become a kage kage?
4.will naruto die at the last of the series? *

emmy2009 30.05.09 - 12:01pm
Im not sure kakashi wud die but i knw naruto wil eventually be an hokage n sakura won't *

nottykid 31.05.09 - 04:37am
yes kakashi is alive.. *

emmy2009 31.05.09 - 11:07am
Plz lets go back 2 d topic.....plz answer my riddle n put urs *

nottykid 31.05.09 - 12:06pm
Answer kabuto yakushi.. Im not really good in riddle so here goes, i save madara after the fight with the 1st, i can use 5 element, im also almost immortal.. Who am i.. *

emmy2009 31.05.09 - 01:37pm
I think dat wud be kakuzu.....4 my riddle i'm a chunin in team asuma,i always stay at d gate of konoha n i wear a bandage over my nose.....who am i *

nottykid 1.06.09 - 04:31pm
kotetsu i think.. i can use time and space jutsu at any part of my body.. I also involve in the coupe de of uchiha clanz.. *

emmy2009 1.06.09 - 05:10pm from sunagakure,i also im d sensei of d sand siblings n i killed hayate......who am i *

emmy2009 2.06.09 - 06:29pm
Correct,where's ur riddle *

naruto_3 2.06.09 - 10:18pm
My dad killed my mum,nw i am a weapon ready to gve my life 4 d one i cherish. Am capable of executing a double hand technique initiator, with one hand who am i? *

emmy2009 2.06.09 - 10:55pm
Haku....4 my question.....i'm a jonin of amegakure n a missing nin of konohagakure,i wield the sword of d thunder god n i almost killed idate....who am i *

minamoto 4.06.09 - 07:47am
sai??just a guess im not good on riddle *

minamoto 4.06.09 - 07:50am
kabuto yakushi????????i think *

emmy2009 4.06.09 - 02:22pm
Mina plz try again....its wrong *

nottykid 5.06.09 - 11:37am
lol so long no one get the answer, i think its time to go the next 1, answer is aoi, i am the head of wasabi clan.. easy one lol.. *

minamoto 5.06.09 - 12:56pm
just as i thought im not good on riddles!!!!!!!!!!!i dnt want to join in ur discussion...sorry if im wrong..... *

emmy2009 5.06.09 - 02:18pm
Mina even if u are not good in riddles...,u can get better here *

emmy2009 5.06.09 - 02:28pm 4 d next riddle....i'm 4rm iwagakure,im a member of the akatsuki n im d youngest member.....who am i *

nej1 6.06.09 - 07:49am
The ans is deidara. I am an ophan from amagekure,an akatsuki member an a student of jaraiya'ero senin' and i hav 6 paths who am i *

emmy2009 6.06.09 - 08:11am
2 easy nagato (pain) from otogakure,i use sound as my weapon,i fought chouji in d chuunin exam n gaara killed me....who am i *

sbrtpand 7.06.09 - 10:25am
Emmy,check ur inbox and pls inbox me. *

viper999 7.06.09 - 01:21pm
Hiya wats up *

bash009 12.06.09 - 06:09pm turn l am blue n white n crawl on d ground n am d kuchiyose no jutsu of tsunade.wat am l n wat is my name. *

emmy2009 12.06.09 - 06:50pm
Its not lonha its dosu....4 ur riddle.... ans is katsuyu (tsunade's summoning slug) 4 my riddle.....hehe hard, from otogakure,im d partner of dosu n rin n i have air holes on my palm,jst 2 add i fought aburame shino in d chunin exam....who am i.... *

nottykid 16.06.09 - 07:35pm
zaku.. im from kusagakure, i can merged with plants and tree.. who am i? *

emmy2009 16.06.09 - 08:14pm
Zetsu......4 my 4rm hoshigakure,i use pea jutsus,my dad's name is hotarubi n i want 2 someday be a hoshikage.......who am i *

sbrtpand 19.06.09 - 06:40pm
Sumaru,i like to read icha icha novel and i am a genius ninja,who am i? *

emmy2009 19.06.09 - 09:06pm
Copy ninja Kakashi.........4 my a member of akatsuki,i always use foul languages,my partner's eyes are red n green in colour n also i can never die......who am i *

sbrtpand 20.06.09 - 05:43am
HIDAN,She uses umbrella as a weapon,she wear her headband on her arm,she is shy,she uses wind and lightening jutsu.who is she??? *

sbrtpand 23.06.09 - 08:01am
(Emmy u must delete this answr as it don't obay the rule of this topic)Another clue 4 my riddle.SHE IS KAKASHI'S SISTER.NOW SAY WHO IS SHE??? *

emmy2009 23.06.09 - 09:32am
I don't think kakashi has a sister......ur question must be wrong *

sbrtpand 23.06.09 - 09:39am
I also didn't know it,i searched it in google.she is sizuka hatake.just search for it.and of course inform me. *

sbrtpand 23.06.09 - 09:47am
Sorry,its daugter not sister. *

emmy2009 23.06.09 - 11:19am
I searched on google too n found it out......the story is actually 50/50 cuz some say she's his daughter,while some say she's his sister *

emmy2009 23.06.09 - 11:20am
Okay sbrtpand u're free to ask a new riddle *

sbrtpand 23.06.09 - 04:43pm
I wrote icha icha novel,i did transparent jutsu to see beautiful girls who am i? *

emmy2009 23.06.09 - 05:23pm
Jiraiya......4 my from sunagakure,im a puppet master,i have a sister and a brother n sasori almost killed me......who am i *

sbrtpand 25.06.09 - 07:24am
Kankuro,sasori use my body as weapon and suit of armor,sakura destroyed my body who am i? *

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