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Subject: The Last AirBender Movie
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tan12 9.06.10 - 08:23pm
Ne1 watch it? *

tan12 4.09.10 - 04:38am
available 4 download on my fan site: *

maxum 6.09.10 - 01:07am
Just my opinion but I found it annoying, and unable to justice to the animated series. *

runestar 6.09.10 - 04:26am
i'll pass. *

chifuni 26.12.10 - 06:35am
The live action movie doesn't deserve to be named after the awesome series. It ruined the epicness of the show. Aang is so serious. Sokka transformed into someone totally out of the Avatar universe, he wasn't a sarcastic meat lover. Katara was, i dunno. Even Zuko was so emo it wasn't even funny. Overall, the movie s*cked. A waste of money. Please don't make a sequel. *

emmy2009 11.01.11 - 04:38pm
I liked it a little bit tho.....only bcus of d battles *

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